Free (part two)

Hello! Before reading this, please read "Free" which is two posts below.

What you are reading now, is the story that the old lady is narrating to her granddaughter Violet. Enjoy! :)

It's the year of 1861. A time when the whites are prejudiced against the blacks. Blacks are treated as no more than a piece of gum on a shoe and are forced into slavery by southern whites.
The North and South are in constant battle, with slaves and abolitionists pushing for rebellion and yearning for their freedom.
A young country that was mostly formed in harmony has been split into debating whether to retain slaves or not.
Racism exists everywhere.
It's chaotic. It's bloody. It's the Civil War.

The happening streets of Montgomery split into a couple of paths.
One of these paths led to the house of the most prosperous man in town. He lived in one of the most imposing houses that you could find in Alabama. His name was Joseph Williams.
Mr.Williams' wife had died, leaving him with a beautiful young daughter who was named Ann, after her mother. As you might expect, Ann was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was terribly spoiled from the day she was born, and simply expected everyone to obey her.
The amount of money that Mr.Williams spent on his daughter was enough to sustain 20 slave families.
Being a wealthy planter, the Williams owned at least 25 slaves who worked on the farms, cooked, and attended to Ann's many needs.

Despite all of the luxuries that Ann had, she was unhappy. She had a list of admirers and girls who copied her style. Her slaves did everything that she demanded. But Ann longed for a real friend.
She was starting to get on her father's nerves because he expected more from her and wanted her to continue his business of plantation farming some day.

Ann wasn't interested in plantation farming though. All she wanted to do was design clothes. There were days when she just sat in her room, sketching ideas of dresses and wishing she was more...useful.
While her father worked, she would look at the slaves outside and feel jealous that they were all friends and at least knew where they were going with their life. After a few moments she would feel guilty though, wondering why she needed so many slaves.  

Everything changed when she met Lilly.


  1. OOOOOHHH can Ann be like a super smartass like she finds loopholes in everything and is technically not doing anything wrong but it's like everyone can't be mad at her because I mean she IS following the rules?

    1. you'll see :D
      aye thanks for the comment


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