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Weasel-Brained Apricot

First of all, sorry for not posting for a really long time! I was really busy with a summer course.
Anyways, Divya challenged me to use "weasel brained apricot" in a poem. I accepted, so here you go. Get ready for a bunch of weirdness and lameness.

That weasel brained apricot.

You may be as as nutty as a fruitcake,
Maybe as stingy as a turnip,
Pessimistic like a mushroom
Or socially awkward like a fig.

Some might say that you're different,
Or unappealing like an avocado,
Politically incorrect like a banana
Or as misogynistic as a beetroot.

Strangers will occasionally mention,
That you're as lame as an apple,
Ignorant compared to a grape
Or loathsome like a pineapple.

You might be a supporter of Trump,
or an outcast like pomegranates
But no matter who you are
you won't be that weasel brained apricot.

Congratulations if you got through this poem! 
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