A slightly satirical article on society and feminism.
Dedicated to Ritu  because she's awesome ♥

Flowers are fascinating.
When you think of flowers you might think of a breathtaking garden, a romantic bouquet or the vase of withered flowers that every family has had. You might even think of flowers that look pretty in your hair or on statues in temples.
What’s common about all these things is that they’re used for decor and beauty. Flowers are a symbol of allurement. They solely seem to exist for the the purpose to look attractive. And that’s exactly how society views women.                

Let’s talk about feminism.
Feminism is simply the the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. In other words, it’s the enforcement that men and women should have equal rights in all ways. But since when has society not exaggerated something that started out fairly innocent?

There are mixed opinions on feminism. Some women seem to have their own definition of it. They think of it as the fact that women are better than men, and men are distasteful creatures. In our society, being a feminist means you're uncontrollable and plain wild. You will pull the sexism card if anyone makes a single comment about a woman’s body, and men are to be spat upon, for centuries of regarding women as nothing more than mere housewives.

Believe it or not, women like these are the reason we have anti-feminists which are an entirely different species.
It seems shocking, if not messed up that a woman does not support a movement that should be beneficial for herself. But keep in mind that we are considering society’s definition of feminists.

It’s like adding too much pepper to a simple dish. When you add a little bit, it seems appealing and refreshing without becoming too spicy. Some might want more than a little, to prove that they can take on more spice and flavour. Then there are others who dump all of the pepper on their dish, exhibiting their courage by eating it.

Anti-feminist women are afraid of becoming the type of people who dump all of the pepper on their plate. They do not want to be outside society’s norm or seen as different. Because of the definition that has been given to modern feminism, feminism has become a shame rather than the pride to being a girl.

There are many other reasons not to support feminism. Some women ignorantly claim that they support equal rights but not feminism. But that’s like saying water is better than H₂O.
Some do not want to ‘give up men’ or come off as a freak.

Feminism should not be used as an epithet because it’s disrespectful to people who have been campaigning against thousands of years of injustice. Anyone can be a feminist, ranging from a reformer to a housewife to a young boy.
Flowers are actually used in the medical field. Begonias can heal rashes and burns and Gardenias alleviate stress or depression.
They are still beautiful but more than just that.
So ladies and gentlemen, instead of pushing away, lean in and embrace feminism.

~Pratya :)

Not a perfect article but I hope you liked it! Leave a comment for feedback or a theme and I'll get to it as soon as possible!


  1. gee! that was wonderful... i am a feminist too.. i am a strong supporter of the he for she campaign lead by emma watson.. you should totally read about it!

  2. and i love the fact that you dedicated this to me!!

    1. thanks for your comment!
      you're the first person who comes to my mind when I think of feminism

  3. This is an awesome article bro, but I just want everyone to consider something. Everyone is entitled to their own view of things. People who say that the women who don't believe in feminism are not contributing to the advancement of women in society, are discriminating. Look at the traditional roles of women. Even the stereotypical housewife has a role, without which the human race would probably be extinct: raising children. I guess what I am trying to say, is that we should shed all these labels. "Feminist" or "anti-feminist", or even "man" or "woman". When we look around, we should see just "people", because at our very cores, that is what we are. Everyone is a valid member of society, regardless of gender, but also regardless of beliefs.

  4. Good job Party! You finally stopped stalking with me to do something worthwhile.

  5. thanks for the thoughtful comment! :3
    What you said about just seeing "people" is true but the fact that we don't do that is what makes us human :)
    And hush don't reveal our stalking to the public


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