This is dedicated to Vivien because I use the name Violet haha
This is just the first part of my story, I didn't want to put too much in one post. 

“Tell me a story,” she says.

The pulsating glow of the fire illuminates the dark night.
The campfire continues to blaze and the wind blows harshly, as if determined to extinguish the fire. Charred marshmallows lay on the ground and a crooked tent is shabbily set up nearby.
Apart from hoots of owls and the sound of wind blowing against the tent, it is a quiet night.

“Tell me a story grandma,” the girl repeats. Her bright blue eyes are wide with anticipation and for a second, the old lady thinks she's looking at her son, the girl's father.
She closes her eyes and leans back against the rocking chair.
It seemed like only yesterday. As if it were yesterday that the girl had been brought into the cruel world. As if it was yesterday when the girl’s parents had died, leaving the old lady with a five year old granddaughter to take care.
It felt like it was only yesterday when the old lady had told young Violet the story of the hare and the tortoise when they were waiting in the doctor’s office.
It had been their ritual ever since then.

“Grandma,” the 16 year old girl says again, failing to keep the impatience out of her voice.
The old lady snaps out of her little daydream. “What will it be this time, the cat and the hat?”
Violet’s rolls her eyes in mock exasperation. “No.”
“Well, I don't think I can make up a story now.”
Violet’s face brightens. “Why don't you tell me about something that happened to you?”
The old lady chuckles. “What good will that do, dear? You will probably fall asleep.”
Violet studies the fire for a while, a solemn expression on her face. “It's okay. I want to hear.”

The old lady clears her throat and begins.


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